Upendo Home Children's Centre

Feeding our children physically, mentally, socially, & spiritually

We Love to Serve Our Children and Community

How We’re Different

We are located deep within the community where we get to see firsthand the children who really need our help.
Due to our location, we have been able to see the direct impact of our work, where kids who live in the same community have been able to show positive results in the whole community.
We are geographically isolated from any other children’s home, this has led to direct impact to the community where we serve the most vulnerable families.

Since the beginning, Upendo Home Children’s Centre has been run by a caring couple. The care and love the children receive comes straight from the heart.

2 children have gone to university from Upendo Home

There are children from 4 different Tanzanian regions

The children at Upendo Home are as young as 2 years old

There are currently 32 children at Upendo Home

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